Kovácsszénája is a very quiet village located in an attractive tourist area. It has many forests, hills and four lakes. A place where one can take beautiful strolls through the woods, search for fossils or go out fishing for the day on one of the four lakes.


In Abaliget there is a stalactite cave, 474 meters in depth. A stalactite meaning "that which drips" sometimes referred to as dripstone. Stalactites come in a variety of forms, some of which have their own classification, such as deflected stalactites. The mounds along the walls have formed over the years by huge amounts of calcium/lime found in the water that drips slowly from the ceiling over the walls. There are also a couple of lakes in Abaliget where you can fish and sail, and a little bat museum that’s defiantly worth a visit.


Orfű is the tourist center of the region. Orfű is located in the suburbs of Pécs. Here you can swim, surf, row, canoe and water cycle. In the surrounding forest, you can walk, cycle and go horseback riding. You can visit an old watermill. There are shops, a swimming pool, a campsite, midget golf course and a variety of restaurants.


The ancient citadel of Pécs with a breathtaking Mediterranean atmosphere. It has numerous terraces and lots of nice little shops. Pécs is a museum city! The museums are open daily from 10 am until 6 pm. On Mondays the museums are closed. Pécs is in 2010 cultural capital of Europe and that is exactly what it deserves!


From the TV-tower of Pécs you have a marvelous view of Pécs and its suburbs. When the weather is clear, you can even see Croatia!!!


In the wine-growing area of Villány, in the south of Hungary, you will find one of the most visited Hungarian wine routes. Along the route a great number of old wine cellars open to the public, they also offer the opportunity to taste the large variety of wines. A visit to the sculpture park is also worth a visit.


The historical town of Siklós (ca. 45 minutes away by car) is the most southern city of Hungary. Siklós is surrounded by vineyards. In the center, an old castle rises above the wide suburbs. Furthermore some historical monuments, among which a Turkish mosque.

Lake Balaton

Besides Budapest, Lake Balaton is the biggest tourist attraction in Hungary. The lake is the biggest inner lake in Europe and there is enough space for all sorts of water sports.


Budapest is counted as one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe. From Castle Hill, you can see the Danube River winding through the city. Other places of interest are the lovely Vörösmarty square, the parliament building and the museum of Fine Arts.

Flee market

Every Sunday morning Pécs has a great flee market. It’s held pretty close to the center of Pécs. Old or new, there is something special to meet every ones taste! Defiantly for the early birds, its starts at 7 am and closes at 1 pm..

Thermal- and medicinal baths

Hungary has perhaps the most thermal- and medicinal baths in the world. The history of these wells goes back more than 2000 years. In the surrounding area, you will find thermal baths in Guneras, Harkány, Magyarhertelend and Sikonda.


In the surrounding area there are a variety of fishing lakes. Most have entrance fees in the form of a day card. You can fish on carp, sheat-fish and whitebait.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding through Mother Nature. Free as a bird, like a real cowboy or cowgirl through the forest and over the hills defiantly worth a try!!!

Fun fair

Close to Pécs is the fun-fair Mecsextrem opened in 2006. You can climb up walls and ropes, walk through the hilltops, horseback riding, roll down a hill in a big ball and in all sorts of other exciting attractions.
More info: www.mecsextrem.hu.

Searching for fossils

Kovácsszénája is located in a hilly environment. The type of soil is marl. The marl rocks are full of fossils.

Enjoy your meal

There is no reason to be afraid of Hungarian food. The Hungarian kitchen is excellent and offers a wide variety of food. Going out for diner in Hungary is cheaper than shopping at the supermarket!!!. For less than 10 euro, you can eat your belly full.