The four seasons

Hungary has four seasons all with their own special characteristics.


Lets say farewell to the winter…

The blossom of spring embraces

us with her beauty


A big feast in Mohács, where the winter is chased away by men with wooden masks, wrapped in sheepskins. In the spring, nature explodes. The forest is covered with the fresh green of spring. The fish are eager to bite and its cool and pleasant weather to walk in or to go out sightseeing. The sun is already warm enough to have your breakfast outside. It is an excellent time of the year to pay a visit to cities like Pécs and Budapest.


The trees still bare, but the bear’s-garlic jumps out of the ground.

Ready to be eaten. The first fresh vitamins of the year


A field full of sunflowers,

makes an irresistible photo

Sultry summer evenings


By the lake at Orfű you can swim, surf, row, canoe and water cycle. Or just be generally lazy in the sun, stroll through Pécs Sunday market, enjoying the fruit the land has to offer. Going out for diner or prepare an original Hungarian goulash in the bogrács kettle in the garden. From Kovácsszénája you can make many short or long excursions. The summer is the time of the year to enjoy life.


Stroll through the beautiful fields


Early birds make the best pictures

Sun ripened grapes full with juice


The forests are at there very best and spoil us all with there spectacular colors. Rutting deer roar at dawn. Quietness and space everywhere. In the autumn there are many activities in the wine-districts, the grapes are gathered and processed. In Villány and surrounding areas, there are wine festivals and wine tasting.


The beautiful colors of autumn


Snow fun

Deer- and wild boar prints in the snow


Winter in Hungary is like living in a Christmas card, the snow still untouched, its spectacular and stunning.… After a long walk, it is so comfortably to sit in front of the open fireplace with a glass of warm wine or hot chocolate and a good book. Langlaufer for sturdy outdoor adventurers is also possible. (No prepared tracks, cross-country is possible. Guides are also available).


Ice-skating on your own lake